Neurological Injuries

Will Your Brain Injuries Continue to Get Worse

Will Your Brain Injuries Continue to Get Worse?

Trauma to the head can easily result in injuries to brain tissue. The amount of damage and the repercussions from a brain injury can range from mild to severe. Your brain is your body’s processor. Your brain is responsible for: Thinking and cognition. Emotions and feelings. Being responsive and reactive. Physical movement. Perception. Behavior. Damage to any part of your brain can substantially impair your ability to function in daily life. Often, brain injuries are long-lasting, even those that were deemed to be minor. Even after [...]

Types and Levels of Brain Injuries from Florida Injury Accidents

The Different Types and Levels of Brain Injuries that Stem from Sudden Accidents

A brain injury isn’t just a term that describes one type of physical bodily harm with a specific severity. In fact, there is more than one type of brain injury and the severity of damages to the brain can vary. The symptoms and treatment program that a victim is put on is based on the specific injury that the brain sustained. Brain injuries can happen in a variety of situations. Car and motorcycle accidents are leading causes of brain injuries. [...]

What Are Head Injuries

What Are Head Injuries?

Head injuries are very common and they can result from many situations. These damages can be so severe they cause victims to have permanent disabilities and in many cases result in death. Head injuries can mean anything from cuts and scrapes on the head to fractured bones and brain damage. If you sustained a head injury as a result of a Flordia traffic accident or any other injury accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, call [...]

How A Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change A Victim's Life

How to Increase Florida Motorcycle Passenger Safety

There are so many reasons avid motorcycle riders cite as to why they love the ride. The openness, the freedom, the exhilaration, motorcycle riders enjoy the activity for a lot of understandable reasons. However, riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. Riders do not have the amount of protection that vehicles have which means that when they crash they often sustain debilitating injuries if not death.  Passengers are often overlooked when we think about devastating outcomes in a motorcycle accident but [...]

How A Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change A Victim's Life

How a Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change a Victim’s Life

Riding a motorcycle is popular in the state of Florida. Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that motorcycle accidents have been rising. In 2014 there were 8,040 motorcycle accidents while in 2016 there were 8,256. Motorcycle riders, when in an accident, will often face serious, disabling, and permanent injuries if they were lucky enough to walk away with their lives. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, along with a wide range of other devastating injuries befall [...]

Orlando, FL – Fatal Collision on Orange Blossom Trail Involving Motorcycle

Why Motorcycle Passengers Are at Higher Risk For Injury in a Florida Crash

Riding a motorcycle is a double-edged sword. Avid riders enjoy the freedom of the open roads but riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity even for the most experienced drivers. Not only are drivers at high risk for serious injuries in a crash, but so are any passengers they have riding with them.  A Reuters report showed that passengers are more vulnerable to obtaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a crash than are drivers. In approximately 40% of [...]

Why Chinstraps Are So Important To Wearing A Helmet

Why Chinstraps are so Important When Wearing a Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is known to be a risky endeavor. This is why it is so important to wear all the appropriate protective equipment available to reduce the severity of injuries or risk of death in an accident. Specifically, most studies show the incredible importance of wearing a helmet when you are riding a motorcycle or really any other wheeled vehicle. According to one study, those riders who didn’t wear a chinstrap sustained severe injuries at a much higher [...]

How Medical Changes Can Cause Slip-And-Fall Injuries

How Medical Changes Can Cause Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Some groups of individuals are more prone to injury and devastating outcomes of these injuries than others. The elderly, for a number of reasons, are more vulnerable to slip-and-falls and the injuries they sustain are more often than not serious. Slip-and-fall injuries can range from mild bumps and bruises to: Broken bones Lacerations Head injuries Concussion Headaches Torn ligaments and tendons These are just a couple of the injuries that a victim can suffer.  What Factors Can Lead to a Slip-and-Fall Accident? There are a plethora of factors [...]

How To Safely Shop Online

How To Safely Shop Online

Many people across the country are injured by purchasing unsafe products bought online. When you are shopping online you can’t feel, look at, or inspect the product before you buy it. You have to focus on reviews from others who have bought the product before you. Some products are put on the market but then recalled because after they are already out they are found to be unsafe. You can look at consumer safety reports to see if a [...]

PTSD After A Car Accident

PTSD After A Car Accident?

The National Institutes of Health explains that Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that will progress in certain people who have had to endure an experience that was scary, shocking, or menacing. There aren’t many people who don’t feel feelings of fear when they are in a threatening situation. The natural fight or flight response to these traumatic events is within all of us, however, and many people will be able to get over these symptoms with time. [...]