How a Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change a Victim’s Life

How a Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change a Victim’s Life

Riding a motorcycle is popular in the state of Florida. Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that motorcycle accidents have been rising. In 2014 there were 8,040 motorcycle accidents while in 2016 there were 8,256. Motorcycle riders, when in an accident, will often face serious, disabling, and permanent injuries if they were lucky enough to walk away with their lives. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, along with a wide range of other devastating injuries befall riders who are involved in Florida motorcycle accidents. 

How Do Substantial Injuries From Florida Motorcycle Accidents Affect Victims’ Lives?

You can only imagine if you sustained injuries in a Florida motorcycle accident that limited your cognitive abilities, ability to move, ability to function without chronic pain, and limited range of motion, how your life would look. The injuries suffered from a vehicle’s force and size of a three to four thousand pound slamming into a motorcycle that weighs less than 800 pounds with a driver that has no seatbelt and no surrounding protection is going to be calamitous for the motorcyclist. 

Motorcyclists will often suffer life-altering injuries when involved in an accident. Some of these include traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputation of a limb or multiple limbs, paralysis, severe emotional trauma, nerve damage, or substantial road rash. Any of these injuries will have a negative impact on the way a motorcyclist lives after an accident. Ejection from a motorcycle happens frequently and when this occurs the motorcyclist will collide with objects around them as their bodies fly through the air as well as colliding with the ground when they land.

The medical procedures and treatments for serious injuries will seem overwhelming. It is likely that multiple surgeries, doctor’s appointments, follow-ups, meeting with specialists, and physical or occupational therapy could all result from the aftermath of a crash that caused serious injuries. Due to the caps insurance plans place on the amount they will pay on behalf of their policyholders for damages and limitations in the types of treatments they will cover, a significant injury could require millions of dollars to treat, and not all of it will be covered by insurance. This leaves the victim responsible to pay for what is not covered and that could be quite a large sum. Working with a Florida personal injury attorney provides victims the opportunity to obtain the money they need for all of their damages so that they are not left in financial ruins.

Where Can You Find a Florida Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney?

How A Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change A Victim's LifeThe other result of a crash that causes severe injuries is that not only will the victim have high medical costs helping them overcome their injuries, their ability to work as they did before the accident is often reduced or eliminated. This is a devastating hit to the finances of the victim. The Orlando motorcycle accident injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group know how important it is for victims of motorcycle accidents to obtain the compensation they deserve. We understand that recovering from injuries after a Florida motorcycle accident is immensely challenging and we will work closely with you to help you see a favorable outcome when you decide to file a Florida personal injury claim.

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