How to Increase Florida Motorcycle Passenger Safety

How to Increase Florida Motorcycle Passenger Safety

There are so many reasons avid motorcycle riders cite as to why they love the ride. The openness, the freedom, the exhilaration, motorcycle riders enjoy the activity for a lot of understandable reasons. However, riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. Riders do not have the amount of protection that vehicles have which means that when they crash they often sustain debilitating injuries if not death. 

Passengers are often overlooked when we think about devastating outcomes in a motorcycle accident but passengers actually are at higher risk for more severe injuries and death than the driver. According to a Reuters report, passengers were more susceptible to sustaining traumatic brain injury (TBI) with about 40% suffering from the injury after a crash over drivers who suffered TBI in 36% after crashes. 

How to Keep Florida Motorcycle Passengers Safe

It is important to become well-trained and practiced when you decide to ride a motorcycle. Focusing only on your skills and abilities should come long before you include the added distraction of another rider. There are enough aspects of handling a motorcycle that must be mastered for single drivers to be confident to ride alone. Adding another rider to the back of a bike can cause additional complications and distractions. The bodyweight of the passenger can affect balance and distort the driver’s ability to sense the feel of how the bike operates. These issues put both drivers and passengers at risk for an accident so to play it safe the following can help:

  • Don’t include passengers until you are confident in your skills and until you have ridden your motorcycle in many different weather conditions as well as during the night.
  • Every time you ride you and your passenger should be wearing a helmet. Make sure your passenger has this important piece of safety gear. You should never allow a passenger to ride with you if they do not have proper head protection.
  • Before you head out, get on your motorcycle alone and start it, then when it is on you can have your passenger climb aboard.
  • Properly position passengers on the bike directly behind you with their feet resting on the footrests and ensure they keep their feet on the rests for the entire ride. It is dangerous for you both if your passenger does not use the footrests. In addition, passengers risk suffering burns if their legs touch the hot mufflers. And be sure to have your passenger hold tightly onto your waist while driving.
  • Tell your passenger that they should follow your lead and lean with you as you navigate the road and any turns.
  • Minimize distractions by not having conversations with your passenger and also have both of your cellphones turned off so that rings and pings don’t shock you.

Have You Been in a Florida Motorcycle Accident and Need Legal Help?

How A Florida Motorcycle Crash Can Change A Victim's LifeMotorcycles are a popular form of transportation and leisure activity in the state of Florida. It is important for riders in the state to know that according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles motorcycle accidents are on the rise. 

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