Which Regions of the Spine Are Most Vulnerable to Injury?

Which Regions of the Spine Are Most Vulnerable to Injury?

Trauma to the spine can happen in many situations like traffic accidents, sporting events, fall incidents, or other damaging episodes. The spine is divided into five sections. While any of these sections can be harmed after an injury accident, certain parts of the spine tend to be more prone to harm.

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What Parts of the Spine Are Most Vulnerable to Injury?

Regions of the Spine Most Vulnerable to InjuryThe cervical and the lumbar regions of the spine tend to be the most vulnerable to injury. 

The cervical part of your spine is your neck area and there are seven vertebrae in this region. While more catastrophic accidents will have a higher likelihood of resulting in the most damage to the spine, even a minor incident can result in damage. 

The injuries that can affect the cervical region of the spine include:

The lumbar region of the spine defines the lower back. The lumbar region of the spine has five vertebrae. The injuries that are commonly reported when the lumbar region is affected include:

  • Strain injuries.
  • A lumbar sprain can have long-lasting painful symptoms that have the potential to be present for months.
  • Annular tears or vertebral disc tears can be very painful.

It is necessary to have a medical professional examine a victim and provide them with the proper diagnosis. This is so appropriate treatment can be applied. It is important though, to have a physician who has specific knowledge of spinal injuries because it is common for some conditions to be misdiagnosed. If this happens, the correct course of treatment may not be applied and the condition can worsen.

It is possible for lifelong suffering after a spinal injury occurs. Potentially, the impact of the spinal injury can greatly reduce the quality of life a victim once had before the damage was done. 

It is critical that victims of spinal injury accidents in the greater Orlando area speak with an Orlando spinal injury attorney about their injury experience. A skilled attorney will know how to put the right value on a claim based on the details and severity of the incident.

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