Who is Responsible for a Defective Truck Part Causing a Crash?

Who is Responsible for a Defective Truck Part Causing a Crash?

Many people do not like driving near large trucks. Large trucks block visibility, they can be slow going uphill, they take up a great deal of space, and they can cause massive destruction should they cause an accident.  

The trucking industry is a necessary part of keeping stores shelves full of various items and goods, and without them, the country would have a difficult time running properly. Large commercial trucks are responsible for transporting most of our goods across the country, more so than any other mode of travel. Because of this, it is hard to avoid driving near a large truck at some point in your driving career.

What Happens If a Truck Has a Defective Part and that Causes a Crash?

Who is Responsible for a Defective Truck Part Causing a CrashThere are several ways that trucks can cause devastating and deadly accidents. They can smash cars, cause them to slide underneath their trailer, roll them over crushing anyone next to them, and more. Trucks, like any machine or other vehicle, can also have defective components. If not addressed, a large truck with equipment that does not work properly poses an immense risk of harm to anyone near then on the road.

While driver error, negligence on the part of the trucking company, violations of laws on the part of the product manufacturer can all be reasons for truck accidents taking place, defects are also a concern. The public may be surprised to know how often truck accidents happen because of defective equipment. 

Some of the most common defects that can lead to catastrophic trucking accidents include:

  • Brake failures are incredibly dangerous. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, issues with brakes are responsible for 30% of all truck accidents. Problematic brakes are by far the most commonly reported truck defect.
  • Defective tires can also cause accidents. The FMCSA indicates that defective tires cause about 6% of all truck accidents.
  • Lights and signals that have been damaged and broken without repair, or that do not work can cause visibility issues that can lead to a crash.
  • Defective steering systems put a driver in a position where it can be extremely difficult to keep control of a truck.

If a truck defect is what caused your accident and injuries in Orlando, you should seek the legal counsel of an effective and experienced Orlando truck accident attorney. The Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group can review your case to determine if liability exists and if so, who is responsible for paying for your damages.

Any of the following parties may be to blame for a defective truck part:

  • Trucking companies that do not follow proper maintenance and upkeep guidelines.
  • Truck manufacturers that release trucks with defective parts.
  • Truck drivers are not typically liable when it comes to truck defect accidents, but in some cases, they may be.

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