Know the Facts About Worker’s’ Compensation in Orlando

Know the Facts About Worker’s’ Compensation in Orlando

Orlando, FL – Workers’ compensation is one benefit offered by employers which safeguards employees in case of any accidents on the job. Many times, job duties require constant physical activity, which results in pain or physical injury for the worker, like heavy lifting etc. The nature of some jobs also expose employees to dangerous substances and materials which tend to have a detrimental impact on their overall health.

In order to safeguard the health and rights of such workers, worker’s compensation ensures the provision of the required amount of medical financial assistance essential for the treatment of an injured employee. In severe injury cases, the employee is also entitled to a compensation amount which includes provision for daily expenses, until the worker recovers completely and is able to return to the job.

But in order to avail yourself of the offered benefits of the worker’s compensation provisions, there are a few basic facts which you need to be clear about. You can only derive your justified benefit provided that you have the required knowledge about the details of the filing of a compensation claim.

All Employers Are Not Required To Offer Worker’s Compensation

The law is different in every state, and there is a minimum requirement for the amount of workers that a company employs, before it becomes liable to offer a worker’s compensation benefit. Most states usually have a minimum requirement for two or three workers before an employer becomes responsible for offering a worker’s compensation claim.

Furthermore, all employees are not granted the benefit of a worker’s compensation claim. A company might not offer temporary or casual workers a compensation benefit, therefore it is important for you to know beforehand and determine whether your employer offers the benefit or not.

You Are Required To Visit The Doctor Chosen By Your Employer

Though it might seem strange and even unfair, but if you suffer from a work related injury and seek rightful compensation from your employer, then you would have to visit the medical service provider chosen by them. As the employer settles your medical bill, you have to visit the doctor of their choice.

If you visit a doctor of your own choice, then you will have to pay their bills, and failure to comply with the company rules might cost you the payment of your rightful compensation.

No Need To Prove The Injury As A Fault Of The Employer

As opposed to regular personal injury cases, if you suffer an injury as a consequence of engagement in job duties, you are not required to prove it as a fault of your employer. All you need to prove is that you were actually present at the workplace premises when you suffered the injury.

You are not obliged to gather evidence to the fact that the accident was a result of your employer’s negligence or faulty decisions.

Worker’s Compensation Commission to Determine the Lawyer Fees

The workers compensation commission in every state determines the percentage of lawyer fees which would be a part of the compensation amount paid to the injured worker. This commission is responsible for settling claim disputes and thus also selects the percentage of compensation to be paid as the fees of the workers compensation attorney in Orlando, FL, and other states.

By being aware of these basic facts, you can be sure of applying for your justified claim in the right manner.

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