Workplace Injuries Which Require Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando

Workplace Injuries Which Require Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando

Orlando, FL – Often times, employees find themselves injured at work, particularly because many kinds of industries pose workplace hazards. In Orlando, an employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover up for their medical bills and reimburse them for the days they could not get to work.

Depending on the severity of an injury, if in any case a worker is unable to return to work, they have laws to protect and secure relevant benefits. While there are many kinds of injuries that may lead you to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, here are some of the most common injuries in which case you should claim your benefits:

Falling or Getting Crushed

As an Orlando workers’ comp attorney, one of the most common type of injury we see is a fall. Annually around 250,000 employees suffer a fall at their workplace. This kind of injury is most common at an office. However, workers who clean windows of high-rise buildings or paint, are also prone to fall injuries. Another common injury at work or construction sites is crushing. Employees may be crushed under over burdened bookshelves at work, or face danger at a construction or law enforcement site of being crushed under heavy materials. Whatever the case, office workers are entitled to the same benefits if they have faced a rushing injury as others in high-risk situations.

Foot Pain

A typical concern, which can result in a serious injury for medical practitioners and nurses, or other workers who are required to stand for long hours at their job, is foot pain. If employees are not given adequate breaks or resting time when at duty, long hours of standing or walking may lead to unbearable pain and muscle tension.


Professionals in fields such as medical, chemical, electrical or food service are prone to burns. This kind of injury can also lead to a serious problem is an employee has faced serious burns. It is required for these professionals and their employers to implement adequate measures against such an injury.

Heart Attack

Employees who work in high-pressure positions or environment can face a heart attack or other serious problem related to their health. Labor who works with physical exertion and in high temperatures can also develop health related concerns and one thing can lead to another. Often times employees develop blood pressure, hypertension or other serious allergies.

Back and Spine Injuries

Workers in many fields are prone to back and spinal injuries which can also lead to serious problems with time and age. A workers compensation attorney when working on such a case will ensure that they gather the relevant information regarding work hours and conditions when working on the case.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Most time employees who spend long hours in front of the computer screen, typing or using the mouse in the wrong angle develop a carpel tunnel syndrome. Such an injury can be avoided if employees are provided with ergonomically correct desks and chairs, which allow them to be seated and use the equipment at correct angles.

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