Fees Involved in Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando

Fees Involved in Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando

Orlando, FL – Did you just get injured while you were performing some job related task? Now you will have to file a workers’ compensation claim so that you are financially covered for all medical bills that will arise. Though you can do this yourself, in certain instances it is better to hire workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando.

Generally, when you hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, your task is simplified and you will not have to deal with the legalities. Moreover, an attorney can ensure that you are recovering the maximum possible benefits. Obviously, hiring an attorney also means some costs, but this is much less than the benefits you can receive with their help rather than without it.

We suggest that if your injuries are severe, if some sort of surgery is required, or if you have become temporarily or permanently disabled, you should hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando. How much will this cost you? Let us take a detailed look.

Contingent Fees

Generally, any workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando will ask you for a contingent fee, which is a percentage of the benefits that you receive should you win the case. The percentage can be anything between 10% and 35%. Until a legal decision has been made and you have won the case, you have to pay no money to the attorney.

If you lose the case, the attorney will not ask you for a fee. However, you may still be required to pay some costs which might have been incurred during the representation. These include, copy costs, filing fees and other similar expenses.

Free Sessions

There are many attorneys in Orlando, which offer a free consultation session. Lasting for around 30 to 40 minutes on an average, the attorney will review your case and decide if you need a lawyer or not. Generally, this session is free, but some attorneys may ask you for a nominal fee.

Even if there is a fee involved, we recommend that you attend this session. It will help you initiate a relationship with your chosen attorney and will give you an idea if he can properly represent you or not.

During the consultation session, your chosen workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando will discuss the fees with you as well. Clear all your doubts in this regard and get any questions you may have clarified. Discuss your situation with him, and see if you can work out a negotiation of some sort. This is okay with some worker’s compensation attorneys. Also, discuss the overhead costs which you will have to be bear if you lose the case.

Before hiring, compare

Every workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando offers slightly varying rates. Compare two or three attorneys on the basis of this. While you should go for low rates, you will also have to make sure that the attorney is qualified to handle your claim.