Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida – Loading and Unloading Injuries Covered

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Orlando Florida – Loading and Unloading Injuries Covered

Orlando, FL – The trucking industry is one of the most hazardous industries in Orlando Florida and this is not only because of on road driving accidents. A major cause of the transportation industry workers’ deaths is the unloading and loading of cargo.

Every year, a significant amount of non-driving accidents are caused in the trucking industry. These accidents could be because of improper lifting of machinery and other heavy cargo. If you work in this industry, it is imperative to consult a workers’ compensation attorney and know your rights

On-Dock Injuries in Orlando Florida – Workers Compensation

Loading and unloading of a truck at a construction site or dock is a very risky job. Lifting heavy items without a proper harness or appropriate lifting equipment can cause severe back sprains and strains, spinal cord injuries, herniated disc and unbearably chronic pain. The steel bands and straps used in loading/unloading could injure fingers, cause deep laceration and even extremity amputation in some cases.

On-Road Injuries in Orlando Florida  – Workers Compensation

Improper loading/unloading is not only risky when the truck is at a stop. It can also cause accidents when the vehicle is on the road. Accidents are also caused when the load is not properly secured in the truck. For example, a heavy load of wooden planks if improperly loaded or secured could come loose and crush the employee.

Tips to Prevent Loading/Unloading Accidents

Injuries caused by improper loading and unloading can be deadly. Some may even leave the injured worker physically disabled for life. Following are a few tips to prevent such catastrophes.

  • Do not stack too high. Make sure you load the cargo as evenly as possible with equal weight distribution. Uneven stacking of cargo can lead to rollover accidents.
  • Make sure the chains you use to secure the cargo are strong enough to hold that particular load of cargo.
  • The cargo is normally loosened during long routes. To make sure your cargo is secured tightly throughout the journey, inspect the loads after every 50 miles or after every three hours.
  • Follow the safety guidelines provided by your company, about the cargo’s weight, placement and other loading/unloading instructions.

Dependents’ Workers’ Compensation Claims

Generally, the workers’ compensation law in Orlando Florida disallows lawsuits against the employer.  However if you or your loved one is injured or disabled due to a truck lifting or loading/unloading accident, you may be eligible to file a third-party product liability claim. You may also file this claim if the injury is caused by a forklift, dock plate or any other defective equipment. If the injury is caused by a hazardous working environment, then you may file a claim for worker’s compensation benefits as well as a  premises liability claim.

Consult a workers’ compensation attorney to know exactly what type of claim you may file and/or which benefits you may be eligible to receive.

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