What Weekly Amounts Do You Receive as Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

What Weekly Amounts Do You Receive as Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Orlando, FL – Did you just get injured while you were doing some work related task? In this case, you are entitled to a workers’ compensation program and will continue to receive benefits until your injuries have been completely healed and you are fit to return to work.

If your injuries are severe, you will be paid a weekly compensation. Depending on your condition, these will either be permanent or temporary. The exact amounts that you receive in benefits depend on your region, injuries and health. If you want to receive the maximum possible benefit, hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando.

If your claim is active

If your claim is active, the benefits you receive will depend on the chances that you can return to work after you are healed and fit again.

Time Loss Compensation

In most instances, you will be provided with loss of time compensation, which is awarded if you cannot work for some time because of your injuries. The exact amount which you receive is a percentage of the wage, which your employer offers. Mostly, time loss compensation is calculated as 66.67% of your wages, but depending on your individual situation, it may vary from this value.

Time loss compensation is usually paid on a weekly basis, but it is not always that way. Your employer may either pay you once in 15 days or once in a month as well. If you want to receive this benefit according to a specific period only, ask your workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando to take care of the process.

Loss of Earning Power

The loss of earning power benefit is received in some cases only. Once your injuries are healed and your health does not permit you to work in the same capacity, you will be awarded with this benefit. If you cannot work at all, you will be given a permanent disability benefit. In this case, your employer will give you the difference in wages which you earn now and which you received before the injuries.

There are a lot of cases in which employers deny these benefits and you have to file an appeal in court. Should this be the case, you will need a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando to take care of all the legalities.

Medical Bills

All medical bills that arise are covered by a workers’ compensation program. Either your employer or their insurance provider will be billed. You do not have to pay any sort of amounts; neither the doctor’s fees nor any surgery or medicine costs.

Please note that the medical bills do not affect the time loss compensation or loss of earning power benefits which you receive.

If your claim is closed

If your claim is closed, you receive benefits only if your injuries make your partially or totally disabled. If you are completely disabled you are entitled to a pension, otherwise you receive a weekly permanent disability benefit.

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