The Process of Claiming your Worker’s Compensation Benefits in Orlando

The Process of Claiming your Worker’s Compensation Benefits in Orlando

Orlando, FL – If you ever get injured while doing some sort of work related task, you are entitled to a workers’ compensation benefit. This will cover you for all costs that arise. Should you have to leave your job for a certain time period, you will also be provided with disability benefits which can either be temporary or permanent.

Here is a general procedure for claiming your workers’ compensation benefits. You should hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando to make it easier for you.

Report your injuries

As soon as you are injured, notify your supervisor and your human resources department without any delay. Generally, there is a certain time period allotted for this, but the quicker you get to it, the better it will be.

If you wait longer than the allotted time period and then report your case, you will probably be given a partial benefit or your claim might be rejected completely. In case, your injury is very severe and you are unable to do the reporting yourself, ask someone else to do it on your behalf. When your condition is better, contact your employer and verify that they are already aware of your situation.

See a physician

Your employers must have approved some physicians and doctors for their benefits program. You will have to visit any one of these. Ask your employer for information in this regard, and they will provide you with a complete list.

Some employers also ask you to seek advice from a physician who is not included in the approved list. Before you do this, let your employer know and give them a reason why you are not satisfied with their approved healthcare professionals. If you can, ask them to give you a written permission of approval to see a doctor who is not on the list. In case, they do not give you permission, we suggest that you should not do this because they may deny payment using this as a basis.

File a claim

You will have to take care of the above two steps by yourself, but from this stage onwards, your chosen workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando can take over the process. Make a copy of all your documents and retain them with you for future use. If you choose a qualified attorney, he will ensure that you start receiving your benefits within a week or less.

Generally, the received benefits are a percentage of your salary that you are entitled to receive from the first day you miss work because of your injury. The benefits continue until you have been fully treated and can return back to work.

If your injury is severe and you cannot return back to work, you will be allowed lifetime benefits. Your chosen workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando can provide you with more information about this.

What if you do not receive your compensation

In some cases, employers refuse to provide you with compensation. Should this be the case, a legal claim will have to be filed and the matter will be taken to court.