Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL – Did you get injured at work? Do you want to file a compensation claim? Are you unsure of your rights under the law of workers compensation in Orlando, Florida?  If yes, then it’s best to hire a worker’s compensation attorney. An attorney can help you gain maximum benefits and protect your rights when you make the claim.

However, to ensure your case is represented flawlessly and you are successful in obtaining your compensation claim, you must hire the best attorney in town. For this you need to do a bit of research. The search can be slightly time consuming but worth it.

To get started, gather the names of some of the renowned workers compensation attorneys in Florida. Before you select one, it’s best to interview them first. Many attorneys are willing to meet potential clients for free. This is often called an initial consultation. During this session, you can ask the questions on your mind and then make an informed decision of hiring the attorney to represent your case.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida

The best way to ensure you hire the most skilled attorney for your case is to ask about the attorney’s industry experience. You can ask questions like:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • On an average, how many workers compensation cases do you handle annually?
  • What percentage of the cases you represent are settled and how many of the cases go to an administrative hearing?

These questions will help you learn about the attorney’s wealth of experience and evaluate his/her legal skills. An attorney with years of hands on industry experience and a good success ratio of settled cases will make a good choice.

But before you make your decision, you must also ask questions to the potential attorney about his/her legal philosophy and style. This will help you understand the attorney’s approach and will spare you from any kind of surprises down the road.

To understand the potential attorney’s legal philosophy, consider asking questions like:

  • How do you handle worker’s compensation claims?
  • How do you handle decision making?

You must also evaluate the attorney’s case management expertise. After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where you case is passed on to different attorneys without you knowing about it! Here are some relevant case management questions that you must ask your potential workers compensation attorney in Orlando Florida:

  • Will you personally manage my case or will you hand over the case to some other attorney?
  • Will you be available for negotiations or at the administrative hearing, in case my compensation claim goes that far?
  • Will you be accessible to me on a daily basis?
  • How often will you provide progress reports? What will they include?
  • If I am unable to recover any money, will I owe you anything?

By asking these questions to your potential attorneys, you will be able to make a good decision and hire an attorney that you think will represent your case the best.

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