Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL – If you’ve incurred a workplace injury or you have developed an occupational disease that requires expensive medical treatment and hospitalization, then it’s best to file a workers’ compensation claim to ensure your get the coverage for all your medical expenses and lost earnings.

To ensure you receive adequate coverage and the benefits you are entitled for, it is advisable to hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando, Florida. An attorney can represent your case in a better way and increase your chances of getting your claim approved. There have been times when workers have filed for compensation claims without any attorney and their claims have been either denied or settled inadequately. So, the biggest advantage of having a workers’ compensation attorney by your side is probably the protection of your rights from being violated.
When it comes to hiring a workers’ compensation attorney you must make sure the attorney is adept and works in your best interest.

Factors to Look For When Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando, Florida
Here are some factors to consider and look for when hiring a workers’ compensation attorney:

Experience Matters

For an attorney to be skilled, experience matters! You can’t have an inexperienced attorney representing your case. With an inexperienced attorney, you will always be doubtful and worried that whether or not the attorney will be able to help you win the case successfully. But with an attorney who has years of experience, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are likely to receive the claim you are entitled for. It is advisable to hire an attorney with more than 10 years of experience.

Contact Former Clients

Before you hire an attorney, ask the attorney for references from former clients. Contacting former clients of the attorney helps you estimate the quality of legal services offered by the attorney to the clients. Through former clients you can also learn about their experiences working with the attorney.

Learn about the Lawyer’s Case Management Strategy

How the attorney handles your case and the legal approach he/she uses, is closely tied to the success ratio of your case. You have great chances of succeeding and get your claim approved by the employer’s insurance company when your attorney has a strong legal approach and a clear strategy. Therefore before you hire the attorney to present your case, learn about the attorney’s case management strategy and see if it makes any sense to you.

Legal Fees

Workers’ compensation attorneys in Florida bill their clients using a contingency fee. The contingency fee takes a certain percentage of your benefits obtained for the hours the attorney has worked for you. The percentage of contingency fee may vary depending on the experience of the attorney, location, reputation and overhead cost incurred by the attorney. Therefore before hiring an attorney, first find out what percentage the attorney will charge. The State puts a cap of 20% as the maximum the attorney can charge.

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