Florida’s Most Dangerous Roadways

Florida’s Most Dangerous Roadways

There are over 1.3 million people that lose their lives every year around the globe from automobile crashes. This means that on any given day, on average, car accidents claim the lives of 3,700 people in the world. In the United States, car accidents happen frequently. Over 38,000 people die each year in the country from fatal car accidents, and 4.4 million others will sustain significant injuries that require emergency medical treatment.

For Americans aged 1 to 54, the leading cause of death in the country is from fatal automobile accidents. Car accidents inflict major pain, emotional stress, and are extremely expensive. American car accidents cost the country $871 billion annually. In Florida, car accidents are also very common. In 2018, the state had over 400,000 crashes of which 2,917 were fatal and 167,219 were injury crashes.

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What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida?

Florida's Most Dangerous RoadwaysFor various reasons, some roads have higher incidences of crashes than others. In Florida the following roads are some of the most perilous:

  • I-95: Anyone on the east coast knows about I-95 and how frustrating the immense amount of automobiles cause bumper-to-bumper traffic jams in certain spots. This long roadway passes through 15 states along the Atlantic Coast and more than 300,000 vehicles travel up and down the road every day. Florida is home to a large portion of I-95, and where this highway runs through Miami and Broward is the area where the most accidents happen.
  • Florida Turnpike: This toll road traverses 11 counties and runs parallel to I-95. Drivers that try to find relief from traffic on 95 will use this road. Because there are so many that peel off to get out of the jams, the turnpike also can be slow-moving and with the influx of vacationers to the state that also uses the road, many accidents take place on the Florida Turnpike.
  • I-10: This road may be very familiar to you if you have ever driven cross country because it travels from Florida all the way to the West Coast, in California. The highway itself lacks many safety features like median barriers which make drivers more vulnerable to wrong-way accidents.
  • I-4: This interstate has more traffic than any other interstate in the entire country. The massive amount of traffic makes accidents more frequent on the road, and in specific, the portion of the road between Orlando and Daytona has been nicknamed the “Dead Zone.”
  • State Road 436: This road is a large road that is heavily used in Orlando. The largest portions of the road have eight lanes, and speeding is a common problem.

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