Turnover in Florida Commercial Truck Drivers is Hazardous to the Public

Turnover in Florida Commercial Truck Drivers is Hazardous to the Public

Professional truck drivers are in high demand as more than 70% of all goods are transported across the nation by tractor-trailer trucks and the commercial trucking industry continues to grow. The problem with keeping trucks running to their destination to make their deliveries is that there is a shortage of qualified and experienced truck drivers. Even when trucking companies promote attractive hourly pay and benefits to get more people interested in the profession, many do not stay working as professional truck drivers for very long. In fact, the majority of new hires that have just received their Commercial Driver’s License are only driving their big rig for a short time before they decide to leave their job. In as little as months, many new hires depart for other endeavors. The commercial trucking industry has a very high turnover rate, and this is a very concerning issue for the public. 

The American Trucking Association shows that in 2019 alone, there was a 95% turnover rate in the industry. Truck driver turnover is so high that trucking companies are left struggling to find new people to fill open driving positions as quickly as possible. Because the problem is so widespread, often safe and detailed hiring practices are overlooked and inexperienced, poorly trained, and individuals with a sketchy background squeeze through the cracks and are put behind the wheel of these massive commercial vehicles.

How Can Truck Driver Turnover Be Harmful to Drivers and Pedestrians in Florida?

Turnover in Florida Commercial Truck Drivers is Hazardous to the PublicThere has been a 52% increase in crashes across the country that involve large trucks since 2009. The longer a person drivers their truck the more likely they are to experience accidents. It doesn’t even take many years of being a big rig operator to have a catastrophic tractor-trailer traffic incident take place. One in eight truck drivers will have a devastating crash every year they are on the road. Being a truck driver almost ensures that at some point a calamitous accident will happen.

It is much harder to safely operate a large commercial truck in Orlando than it is to drive a passenger vehicle. There are many considerations to think about and a truck driver must understand how their vehicle responds to various situations. A truck driver must be alert, cautious, and aware of their surroundings and any changes in the environment so they can react appropriately. If a driver is not practiced, skilled, and properly trained, then they increase the already high risk for accidents to happen. The high turnover rate that the commercial trucking industry faces, means that a large portion of the drivers who are operating these big rigs do not have the background, knowledge, familiarity, or enough instruction to do the job safely.

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