The Role of a Personal Representative in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Role of a Personal Representative in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Orlando, FL – When families lose a loved one in an accident and bring a wrongful death lawsuit, a personal representative is appointed to act in the best interest of anyone who might have an interest or benefit in such action. When someone dies, anything that they owned of value becomes part of

their estate. The estate will pay the decedent’s debts, though it’s possible that the estate is valued at less than the sum of its debts, and collect any money owed to the deceased, which includes money from a wrongful death lawsuit.

If your family is considering a wrongful death lawsuit, you will have to appoint a personal representative who will choose an attorney, communicate with the attorney and opposing counsel, handle the paperwork for the case, and make all major decisions regarding settlement or proceeding to trial. An executor, spouse, or next of kin (or someone appointed by a spouse or next of kin) is typically chosen to fulfill the role of personal representative. It is not uncommon for overwhelmed relatives to hire an administrative professional to help with the case.

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