How Victims of Florida DUI Accidents Can Be Compensated?

How Victims of Florida DUI Accidents Can Be Compensated?

Drunk driving accidents cause massive pain, loss, and damage every year. In 2020, 17% of the car accidents which resulted in the deaths of children were at the hands of drunk drivers. Drunk driving accidents can inflict catastrophic injuries and death for the individuals involved. The most common injury that is reported after drunk driving accidents is spinal cord injury. Even though it is well-known that driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous, people still do it. In 2013, approximately 28.7 million people said that they got behind the wheel while under the influence.

If you are injured or if you lost a loved one in a Florida drunk driving accident, you have the right to sue for compensation. When you need help with a Florida personal injury claim, call the Florida personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group. With over 30 years of experience, the Vaughan Law Group is a well-known Florida personal injury law firm that provides aggrieved individuals with the most effective and highest quality legal services.

What Steps Do Victim’s Take After a Florida Drunk Driving Accident?

How Victims of Florida DUI Accidents Can Be CompensatedIt is very important that if you are able to move about after your Florida drunk driving crash, that you relocate to a place that is safe from oncoming traffic. When you are in a safe location, you should call the police. Drunk drivers can be erratic and their behavior unpredictable. They may speed away from the scene fearing that they will be arrested for drunk driving or they may become combative with you. If you feel like you are unsafe, stay in your car until the police arrive. 

Like any car accident take in all the information of the scene that you can. Take pictures and write down details of what happened before the accident and right after, how you feel mentally and physically, and what the weather conditions are. If you are able to talk to a cooperative driver, get their insurance information and identification. If they are not cooperative, wait until law enforcement arrives before you attempt to exchange information. Additionally, take-down any details of the individual that indicates they are inebriated such as their slurred speech, open bottles in their car, inability to maintain balance, the smell of alcohol, and if their driving pattern before the crash was irregular and unsafe.

If you sustained serious injuries that cost more than $10,000 or if you were permanently injured you can file a Florida car accident lawsuit and go to court to obtain compensation. If you only sustained minor damages, then your insurance will cover the costs.

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