What to do After a Florida School Bus Accident

What to do After a Florida School Bus Accident

During the 2020-2021 school year there were some schools in Florida that were open to in-person classes five days per week and other schools that closed down. By the time the 2021-2022 school year began, every school had its doors opened to children for in-person weekly school lessons. As school children got back into the classroom, the need for more school busses increased.

Sending kids off to school who live too far and have to travel by way of the school bus is something that American families have been doing since the early 20th century. Even though most parents trust that their children will be safe each morning when they head out the door and to the bus stop, school bus accidents do happen. 

If your child was injured while riding in or near a school bus in the state of Florida, the Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group can help you recover compensation for the damages your child suffered.

Steps to Take After a School Bus Accident

How to Handle A Florida School Bus AccidentFlorida school bus laws dictate how other drivers must behave when driving in a school zone and near a school bus. These include:

  • If a school bus has its stop sign extended out, all drivers in both directions must stop in the absence of a road with a divided median.
  • A car cannot pass the side of a school bus where children enter and exit.

In some instances, school bus accidents have nothing to do with other drivers on the road, but by errors made by the school bus driver. Sometimes, accidents can happen when a school bus has a defective part that puts everyone occupying the bus as well as all others on the road in great danger.

Overall, riding on a school bus is generally safe but there are no guarantees that accidents in any type of vehicle can not happen. Children riding a school bus can improve their safety by:

  • Having reflective materials on their backpacks or clothing.
  • Standing back from the curb where the school bus pick-up location is.
  • Not engaging in horseplay at the bus stop.
  • Waiting until the school bus has come to a complete stop before advancing towards the vehicle and trying to enter.
  • Not fooling around and being a distraction while riding on the bus.
  • Never walking behind the bus.
  • Making sure to take the time to look both ways for other vehicles if crossing the street is necessary to get onto the bus. Caregivers should always stay with young children when crossing the street. It is important to also practice how to safely cross the road should a child have no choice but to do it alone.

Speak with an Orlando Bus Accident Attorney Today

If a school bus accident does happen, getting the child immediate medical attention is necessary. Connecting with an Orlando bus accident attorney as soon as possible should follow.

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