How Medical Costs are Covered in a Florida Slip and Fall Accident

How Medical Costs are Covered in a Florida Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners have a duty to keep up their land and their buildings so that they are free of hazards that could hurt someone who may enter. Slip and fall accidents can happen in many different ways, and when a property is not maintained in Florida, the risk for one of these incidents occurring increases substantially. If you were injured on another person’s property or that of a business, then you should speak to a Florida personal injury attorney about your situation. It is possible that you have a case to file a Florida personal injury claim for compensation to help you pay for your medical care and any other property damages that you suffered.

The Orlando personal injury attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group can discuss your case with you and assist you with filing an Orlando personal injury claim. Men and women of all ages are subject to catastrophic harm and damages from a Florida slip and fall incident. In fact, fatalities from these events are fairly equal between men and women. There are more than 8 million emergency room visits every year in the country because of a fall accident so not only do they happen quite often, but they also represent the leading cause behind why Americans go to an emergency room. The damages that result from slip and fall accidents can be substantial which is why working with a skilled and knowledgeable Orlando slip and fall attorney is necessary.

How are Medical Bills Covered After an Orlando Slip and Fall Accident?

How Are Medical Costs Covered after a Florida Slip and Fall AccidentThere are several ways that a person can sustain physical harm after an Orlando fall accident. It is not just injuries that can result from one of these incidents, but death can too. Fractures, though, happen in about 5% of fall accidents, and depending on where the fracture occurs and the health of the person who sustains the damage, the consequences can be severe. People who are 75 and older are especially vulnerable to succumbing to fall injuries with death as a consequence.

When a slip and fall accident in Orlando happens, filing a claim against the property owner is the correct course of action. The insurance provider that the property owner has will handle the claim. In most cases, whether you fell on a commercial property or one that is residential, fault generally does not come into play when it comes to paying for medical bills. As long as it can be shown that your injuries were a direct result of the fall accident you had on the property you are filing your claim against you should be able to have that insurance provider pay for your medical expenses.

Speak to a Florida Slip and Fall Attorney Today

As soon as you are able to after you have seen a medical professional, you should connect with a qualified Florida slip and fall attorney. You have a limited amount of time to file your claim, and in the state of Florida, that window is four years from when your accident happened. Many things can come up during the claims process so working with an Orlando personal injury lawyer as soon as you can, increases your ability to obtain maximum recovery. To schedule your free consultation with an attorney at the Vaughan Law Group, please call (407) 648-1426.