General Queries Related to Workers’ Compensation Program

General Queries Related to Workers’ Compensation Program

Orlando, FL – A workers’ compensation program is designed to cover all employees who are injured or become ill because of work. Generally, there are many employees who are confused about the process of making claims and often have a number of queries. Here are the answers to the most common ones of these.

What is a workers’ compensation?

A workers’ compensation program is an insurance program which is handled by the state. Under this policy, if any employee becomes ill or injured while at work, he is covered for all medical expenses that arise. This is usually the case without any regards to the person at fault. Just as the employees are protected, the employers are also protected and none of their workers can sue them for the covered injuries.

The federal government also has a similar program, every state follows their own designed program. As such, the rules followed in each state do vary, but they are the same more or less.

Are only the medical bills covered?

All medical bills are covered, but they are not the only thing. Any expense that occurs because of the injury is also covered. For instance, if you require a rehabilitation program or a physical therapy of some sort, the employer or their insurance company will pay you for all expenses. Similarly, if you require some extra equipment to assist you like a wheelchair, it is also covered.

Moreover, if because of your injury you cannot return to work, you will be entitled to a disability benefit. In case you cannot return to work permanently, then you will also be given a benefit, and these will be for a lifetime. Generally, this benefit is about 67% of your last drawn wage.

What sort of jobs are covered?

Almost all on-site jobs are covered with the exception of a few. Generally, the system will cover you for any injury, regardless of whose fault it is, even if it is yours. There are some limitations as well. For instance, if you are intoxicated or drunk at work, you will not be covered. If the injuries are caused in a fight, then also there is no guarantee. Moreover, if you commit a crime or violate a policy, you will not be able to receive any benefits.

Are long term illnesses covered?

Long term injuries that arise because of overuse or misuse are covered under the program. For instance, if you develop a back problem or carpal tunnel syndrome, you will be covered. In some cases, heart problems and lung diseases may also be compensated.

What if the injury is not caused at the workplace? Will you be covered then?

If the injuries are not caused at the workplace, you will be covered as long as it is related to work.

Do you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando?

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando is a good idea because they make the process easier and also ensure you are getting a benefit of some sort.

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