Does Orlando Have Many Uninsured Drivers?

Does Orlando Have Many Uninsured Drivers?

Car accidents are shocking incidents that can make victims feel disoriented and distressed. When property damages and injuries result, the financial implications of these incidents can be incredibly high. Paying for those costs can make a victim feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to do. 

Victims who suffered damages after a car accident should connect with a local personal injury attorney to learn about how to obtain compensation for their losses. Orange County, Florida is a busy place with plenty of traffic and as a result, car accidents. The Vaughan Law Group has experienced Orlando car accident attorneys that are committed to helping victims get the most from their personal injury claims.

Are There Many Uninsured Drivers in Orlando?

Does Orlando Have Many Uninsured DriversWhen a car accident in Florida happens, a victim’s own insurance is meant to pay for damages. The state of Florida requires that drivers must be insured. Under Florida’s car insurance laws, a minimum of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection coverage is necessary. 

Sometimes, though, a car crash can have substantial destruction. When the damages exceed a person’s insurance coverage, then it is possible to sue a negligent driver for compensation. However, the person who is being sued may not have insurance coverage at all or have too little to pay for the total costs of the damages. This is when a victim’s underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is utilized.

While UM/UIM coverage is not required by law, it is essential that you have it for your own protection. When a car accident takes place with a person that has no insurance or insufficient coverage, you will be very thankful you have UM/UIM coverage to file a claim with.

In 2019, the Insurance Information Institute reported that Florida ranked number six when compared to the rest of the nation for the highest amount of uninsured motorists. That year, 20.4% of Florida’s drivers were estimated to be uninsured. This means that drivers in Florida are at increased risk for accidents with uninsured drivers. So, having UM/UIM coverage is prudent.

Without the extra insurance coverage your two options to pay for your expenses are:

  • You are responsible for the costs and will have to pay out-of-pocket.
  • You can sue the other party for the costs, but there is a good chance they will not have the assets to afford to pay for the damages.

In Orlando, not only do residents have to be concerned about uninsured motorists that live in the state, but they also have to be concerned about others. Orlando is a hot tourist location that gets visitors all year round. It is difficult to capture how many of these individuals have insurance coverage, but it can be assumed that at least some do not. In addition, visitors who are traveling in the greater Orlando area may be unfamiliar with the region making accidents with these individuals more likely.

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