Chemical Burns on the Job- File for Workers’ Compensation in Orlando, Florida

Chemical Burns on the Job- File for Workers’ Compensation in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL – To earn a good living, many people often take up jobs that require them to work in hazardous conditions where they have to interact with dangerous and harmful chemicals every day. This includes professions like chemical engineering, chemists and material scientists, chemical plant and system operators, biochemists, agriculture workers and landscapers.

These professionals work with toxins and are more prone to chemical burns or illness due to chemical exposure. To ensure employees are taken care of in case of any mishap such as chemical burn, nerve damage, respiratory diseases or skin disease, according to the Florida State law, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees.

Chemical Burn

Chemical burns occur when the skin comes into contact with alkalis, acids and irritants. The severity of the burn depends on how long the worker’s skin was exposed for and the PH level of the product, determines. Burns from alkali solutions are the most harmful.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation Claim

If the injury disrupts your ability to function at work, you can always claim workers’ compensation. However, before you file a claim, it is best to hire a professional and experienced worker’s compensation attorney in Orlando, Florida.

Asking the workers’ compensation attorney to represent your case increases your chances of gaining maximum benefits. The attorney ensures your rights are protected and not violated by the insurance company. There have been many cases where workers have claimed insurance only to have their requests denied by employers or minimum coverage is provided by the insurance company. Therefore to avoid this, it’s best to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.

Long-Term Chemical Exposure

Under the Florida State workers’ compensation program, a worker can also claim workers compensation if the worker experiences severe disorders like cancer, autism or multiple sclerosis due to long term exposure with chemicals at their workplace.  Professionals working with coatings, adhesives and products that contain polyisocyanates can develop health problems like asthma, anemia and different types of skin allergies.

However, to get the approval for the workers’ compensation claim due to long term chemical exposure is often the hardest challenge especially if you don’t have a workers’ compensation attorney by your side.  This is because it is quite difficult to prove to the insurance company that the damage was caused due to long term chemical exposure. Sometimes the employer’s insurance company resists your claim and states that it believes the condition was pre-existing.

In times like these, to ensure your claim is not denied, hiring a worker’s compensation attorney is a wise idea. The attorney has the experience, profound knowledge about the law and expertise to help you present your case and ensure you receive adequate medical benefits and lost earnings you are entitled to.

Workers who get injured on the job due to chemical exposure are likely to receive medical treatments like dermaplanning, dermabrasion, chemical peels, reconstructive surgery and sometimes even plastic surgery to name a few.

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