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Why You Need to Insist Upon an Accident Report after a Florida Workplace Accident

Why You Need to Insist Upon an Accident Report after a Florida Workplace Accident

When an injured employee proceeds forward with reporting their workplace injuries to their employer and they receive pushback because of it, the situation can feel very upsetting and distressful for the injured worker. It may not seem fair that employers respond to injured employees by being difficult, and it is not fair, but it does happen. If you were injured while on the job in Florida, you have the right to file a Florida workers’ compensation claim regardless of [...]

What Compensation Can You Get After a Florida Construction Accident

What Compensation Can You Get After a Florida Construction Accident?

The construction industry is notorious for its high risk to worker’s safety. There are many injuries that take place every year to construction workers simply doing their job. In some instances, individuals lose their life from the harm they sustained on the job site. No one wants to go to work and only to become a victim and be forced to suffer through painful or debilitating injuries. When your working environment is unreasonably hazardous or there were negligent actions [...]

2019 Permanent Total Disability Trial Award – $500,000 Lifetime Payout

A 59-year-old food service worker sustained a right shoulder injury that lead to arthroscopic surgery. The employer would not take her back to work after being released by her doctor and being assigned permanent work restrictions. Vaughan Law Group requested job searching assistance from W/C but they refused to help. The judge found that the client had put forth a good-faith job search and was entitled to an award of Permanent and Total Disability. She will receive this money [...]

2019 Workers’ Comp Trial Award – Case Still Open

Client severely injured his right leg. The Employer refused to take him back to work but sent him to do volunteer work at a charitable facility. While there, the Client engaged in alleged inappropriate conversations with co-workers and was fired. The W/C insurance company denied any further benefits and claimed ‘misconduct.’ After lengthy litigation, the judge ruled for our client.

$395,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement 2019

After litigating the case for more than a decade, Vaughan Law Group secured a $395,000 settlement for a 51-year-old who acquired a cervical spine and upper extremity injury while transferring a patient onto a bed. She had previously been awarded permanent total disability after a trial wherein she was represented by Vaughan Law Group. The workers’ compensation carrier payed out over $500,000 in benefits before this settlement.

$215,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement 2018

Vaughan Law Group secured a $215,000 settlement for an undocumented Mexican worker who sustained hand, neurological, and psychiatric injuries which were caused from being electrocuted while fixing a machine that presses truss. Attorney Thomas Vaughan was able to get authorization of transfer of medical treatment to Mexico, where the worker now resides.