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The Orlando workers compensation attorneys and the Orlando on the job accident attorneys at Vaughan Law Group are not only AV rated, they also have 25 years of experience representing and litigating injured workers’ claims.The AV Rating means that peer lawyers have acknowledged Vaughan Law Group’s excellence in both competency and ethics. This website sets forth samples of cases both past and present that are indicative of representation provided by the Orlando workers compensation attorneys at Vaughan Law Group. Issues involving medical care, correct and timely compensation of money, compensability, and special needs and care for catastrophically injured workers have been some of many concerns for clients of Vaughan Law Group throughout the years. Below is some general information concerning workers compensation attorneys in Orlando, Florida. For more specific information about the Orlando workers compensation attorneys at the Vaughan Law Group, to include lawyer credentials and successes, the viewer should review this website.

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Recent Orlando Workers Compensation Attorney Legal Settlements and Awards

Orlando Worker’s Compensation Workers’ Comp Trial, 2018
The trial in this matter was to determine whether the injured worker should have his Workers’ Compensation claim handled out of Florida’s jurisdiction or Wisconsin’s jurisdiction. The client was a truck driver who signed his contract of employment with his employer in Wisconsin.
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$300,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement with Medical Care Left Open
This Orlando venue case involves a 47 year old welder who suffered a herniated disc in the neck and underwent a laminectomy and fusion. Following the surgical procedure and a period of recuperation, this client returned to his employer and continued to work for seven years.
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Permanent Total Disability Trial Award $400,000
2016 – This Volusia County bus driver, with a significant pre-existing knee injury that had required major surgery, reinjured the same knee while entering her bus to begin her work day. Workers’ Compensation authorized medical treatment for this accident that occurred in December 2014.
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Settlement for Undocumented Worker $200,000
2016 – After litigating the compensability of this injured worker’s case (fell off a roof and sustained a thoracic fracture) the Workers’ Comp insurance company paid for all past medical care and began paying disability benefits.
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Orlando Workers’ Compensation Trial Award Over $250,000
2014 Orlando District Trial Award of Permanent Total Disability Over $250,000
A 68 year old Hispanic gentleman who does not speak English won his trial for Permanent Total Disability benefits. This gentleman had shoulder and hand injuries from two accidents with the same employer. The employer placed surveillance on this injured worker and attempted to convince the Judge that the injured worker was capable of employment.
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$400,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Sarasota District – 2014
This Workers’ Compensation case stemmed from a 2001 date of accident. In 2004 a trial was held wherein the injured employee was awarded Permanent and Total Disability benefits. Weekly payments were made to the insured worker, as well as his on-going medical expenses, through October 2014.
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2012 Lake Mary Workers’ Compensation Attorney Settlement, $1,080,000
In 2008, this female injured worker was severely injured when she was working for a nursing home. She injured her cervical spine and right shoulder. The Judge was presented evidence of the severity of this lady’s medical condition along with testimony from a vocational expert. When this information was considered in its totality, the Judge found that this injured worker was unable to return to gainful employment, and awarded Permanent and Total Disability benefits that will equate to over $1,000,000 on payout. Of note was the fact that this lady also suffered from depression related to this work accident, and the insurance company attempted to delay the trial because the injured worker was still treating or her depression and had not rea
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2012 Brevard County Workers’ Compensation Attorney Settlement, $520,000
In February, 2012, the Judge of Compensation Claims awarded Permanent Total Disability benefits to the injured worker at the end of trial. The Judge agreed that the injured worker’s back injury led to extreme pain and a constant limp. When combined with his limited transferable skills in the workplace, these findings resulted in the claimant being unemployable. The Judge back-dated the award of Permanent Total disability benefits to July, 2011. Thee benefits will exceed $500,000 on payout. Additionally, the injured worker will still have the ability to receive his medical care paid for by the insurance company.
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2012 Daytona Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney Settlement, $500,00
The claimant, a 50 year old with a low back injury was unable to become gainfully employed for a number of years following her 1999 date of accident. The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company tried to blame her inability to find employment on numerous events and conditions unrelated to her accident. The insurance company used doctors that they had authorized to provide opinions against the injured worker. However, the attorneys at Vaughan Law Group had the injured worker’s case reviewed by a doctor of their choosing. That doctor’s opinions were found by the Judge of Compensation Claims to be more valid than the opinions of the insurance company doctors. Consequently, after a lengthy trial, the Judge awarded the injured worker Permanent
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2011 Orlando Car Accident Workers’ Compensation Settlement
Trial award of compensability and successful appeal:

This totally controverter claim stemmed from a motor vehicle/truck accident that the claimant suffered while working on the job. The Judge of Compensation Claim (JCC) found that, although the impact in the injured worker’s work related accident appeared minimal, the accident reconstruction expert hired by the Vaughan Law Group helped to prove otherwise. The JCC found that the expert accident reconstructionist used by the Vaughan Law Group provided more plausible and reasonable opinions then did the expert hired by the insurance company. Consequently, that testimony combined with the testimony of the med
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2010 Sarasota Workers’ Compensation Attorney Settlement
Trial award of compensability and surgery:

This case involved depositions in multiple locations around the south east part of the country. The insurance company tried to blame the injured worker for fraud, thereby negating any future entitlement to loss wages and medical care. Among other needs, the claimant required major back surgery to repair herniated discs. The Judge of Compensation Claims (JCC), after a lengthy trial, found totally for the claimant/injured worker and awarded continued medical and money benefits. (Sarasota district)
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2011 Daytona Beach Workers Compensation Settlement
The Judge of Compensation Claims (JCC) awarded thousands of dollars of back due money to the injured worker and increased his Average Weekly Wage by hundreds of dollars. This increase may mean several hundred thousand dollars more to this individual over the life of his workers comp claim. The JCC also awarded a pain management doctor, an endocrinologist and an MRI – all to be provided and paid for by workers comp. (Daytona Beach/ Volusia County District)
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