$300,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement with Medical Care Left Open

This Orlando venue case involves a 47 year old welder who suffered a herniated disc in the neck and underwent a laminectomy and fusion. Following the surgical procedure and a period of recuperation, this client returned to his employer and continued to work for seven years. Unfortunately, the employer terminated this client when the doctor increased his restrictions. Upon termination the client began looking high and low for work but, after over 350 job searches, he was unable to become employed. This Claim for Permanent Total Disability followed. Vocational experts for each side disagreed as to whether this gentleman would be employable in the open labor market. Ultimately, less than two weeks prior to trial, the Workers’ Comp insurance company and Employer paid this Client $300,000 to only settle his indemnity (money) portion of his case. This gentleman still has his medical care open and can obtain free medical treatment through the Workers’ Compensation insurance company for the rest of his life as it relates to his neck injury.