2017 Trial Award of Compensability- potential value of $500,000 – $1,000,000.

After a lengthy period of litigation, including multiple depositions and mediations, this case went to trial in November. The insurance carrier for the Employer denied ALL benefits (both money and medical) because they claimed that the client had committed fraud by denying prior medical conditions. The client had treated with the VA during the months and years before the accident and those records indicated that he had complained of the same symptoms that he later suffered from in his work accident. There were also prior chiropractic records that cast doubt on the client’s previous medical history. However, when the records were reviewed in detail along with the client’s testimony at trial, the Judge found that the client never falsified any information for the purpose of securing workers compensation benefits. The client now receives his continuing medical care (which may include multiple future surgeries) as well as the ability to continue to collect his money benefits.