2016 Workers’ Comp Trial Award of Medical Care

This Orlando Workers’ Compensation case involved a case worker for a local law enforcement agency. This lady injured her spine while carrying out her duties. She came under the care of a doctor picked by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company who became very dismissive of this ladies complaints. Through Workers’ Compensation attorney, Vaughan Law Group, the Client exercised her statutory right to a one-time change of doctors. The employer and their insurance company did not timely respond to that request thereby giving the client the right to choose a doctor herself. The employer and the insurance company fought this lady through numerous depositions, mediation, and trial in an attempt to retain control over her medical care. After trial, the Judge of Compensation Claims ordered the Employer and their insurance company to provide the physician that the client chose. The value of this benefit is undetermined as of this date because future medical care may entail surgical procedures, time off of work and other medical modalities.