Slip and fall Accidents

Orlando Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

If an individual is injured in a ‘slip and fall’ accident on property that is owned by others, then that individual may have a negligence claim against that property owner’s insurance company (by way of a lawsuit against the property owner).wet-floor-sign These cases can involve Wet Floor Signcomplex legal issues regarding the insurance coverage as well as underlying liability ( ie. who’s at fault). Most commercial and residential policies cover medical bills regardless of who is at fault. All that needs to be proved for this limited coverage is proof that the individual was hurt on the property covered under the insurance policy.

For claims seeking a recovery that makes the injured party ‘whole’ again, a lawsuit needs to be filed within 4 years of the date the accident occurred if that accident occurred in Florida. This is known as the statute of limitations and this time frame varies from state-to-state. The potential amount of recovery, whether by settlement or trial verdict, is typically limited by the limits stated in the premises owner’s insurance policy.

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