Orlando Car Accident Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Orlando Car Accident Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Trial award of compensability and successful appeal:

This totally controverter claim stemmed from a motor vehicle/truck accident that the claimant suffered while working on the job. The Judge of Compensation Claim (JCC) found that, although the impact in the injured worker’s work related accident appeared minimal, the accident reconstruction expert hired by the Vaughan Law Group helped to prove otherwise. The JCC found that the expert accident reconstructionist used by the Vaughan Law Group provided more plausible and reasonable opinions then did the expert hired by the insurance company. Consequently, that testimony combined with the testimony of the medical doctor’s who evaluated and treated the claimant, led to a trial award finding all injuries compensable in favor of the injured worker. The employer/insurance company appealed this award and the first district court of appeals agreed with the JCC’s decision and affirmed it without discussion.

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