2017 Orlando Workers’ Comp PERMANENT TOTAL DISABILITY ORDER in excess of $600,000 present value

A 58 year old A/C technician fell off of a loading dock approximately 6 feet and landed on his back and buttocks. He herniated a disk at the L3 4 level with severe radicular pain. The initial orthopedic doctor referred him to pain management and subsequently Vaughan Law Group was able to obtain a one-time change of doctors to a pain management doctor of our choice. After being terminated by the Employer, and after receiving a maximal medical improvement date with severe restrictions and limitations from the authorized physician, the injured worker job searched unsuccessfully. The injured worker was referred for vocational assistance. Unfortunately no jobs where located for him.

The case was heavily litigated and after multiple depositions, and five days before trial, the Employer and its insurance company caved in and agreed to an order by the judge of compensation claims finding the client to be permanently and totally disabled.

This gentleman’s medical care will continue until such time as he decides to settle his case with the insurance company. In the meantime he will receive two thirds of his wages until age 75 plus a 5% increase each year for cost of living adjustment.